[Review] Is Vesta Duvet Worth It?

One of the hardest things for most people with urban lifestyle to do is simply get a good night’s sleep.

I suffer from insomnia, and I jokingly say that I turned 12 and then never slept again.

It’s interesting to me that there are currently so many products on the market designed for us to get a better night’s sleep, like weighted blankets, sheets designed to hold in heat, beds that heat up in the foot area, and drinks that are designed to encourage sleep.

In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into the Vesta Duvet crowdfunding campaign.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Now there’s a new product aimed at giving us a better night’s sleep through regulating temperature: the Vesta duvet. 

The Advertised Selling Point

Unlike most duvets and comforters, Vesta is filled with silk fiber and not synthetic materials.

Apparently, silk is a miracle natural fiber with a lot of benefits I wasn’t aware of.

Silk is incredibly porous, which is how it works to regulate temperature and distribute heat evenly.

It absorbs moisture, so you won’t wake up soaking wet with sweat, but it doesn’t absorb smell or bacteria. So if you do sweat or drool, the duvet shouldn’t smell bad as a result.

Another nice addition to the duvet is the optional bamboo duvet cover.

Like the silk, the bamboo distributes heat evenly. Regardless of whether you buy the cover, there are some perks to buying the Vesta. The duvet arrives in a nifty little fabric-lined woven basket, and you get a silk sleep mask.

But does the Vesta live up to all of the hype, or are there some major drawbacks to it? 

Our Analysis and Review

Despite the fact that nothing on the campaign page says anything any differently, Vesta isn’t 100% silk. It is silk-filled.

I wasn’t too surprised to learn this after having seen the pictures of it. You can tell the outer layer isn’t at all silk. It’s actually cotton. This is because if the outer layer was silk, the filling would slide and move around inside it.

The cotton provides some friction and keeps the silk from moving around too much.

But it seems like that should be spelled out somewhere in the description of the product because if you’re expecting a silky-feeling duvet, you’re most definitely going to be disappointed. 

This really isn’t an original idea.

There are many other silk-filled duvets and comforters on the market already, like this one on Amazon. They’re generally a lot less expensive, as well.

The bamboo cover isn’t a unique idea either. You can buy bamboo duvet covers through online as well.

So the only really unique qualities behind Vesta would be that it’s environmentally friendly and high-quality silk.

The silk is harvested in a humane, non-violent way. It’s got a low oil consistency and it’s higher density than most silk filled duvets.

It uses 10 layers, rather than 2-3. So, it’s possible that it lasts longer than other silk duvets.

The Shortcomings

Unfortunately, you can’t exactly wash the duvet.

It doesn’t matter what substance gets on the duvet, or how much stuff builds up in it, if you wash the Vesta duvet in a washing machine or even have it dry cleaned, it will compromise the natural silk filling.

Here is the statement from the team.

The company states that if you use the duvet with a duvet cover, “under normal conditions of use”, it shouldn’t need to be washed.

But, that if anything gets on it you can hand wash it with water.

They also recommend that you air it out in the sun for an hour when the temperature is warm and dry. However, the bamboo cover can be put in the washing machine on a cold water setting and then tumble or air dry it. 

The creators claim that you can use this duvet any time of the year because it regulates temperature and stays 75 degrees F.

The idea is that the porous nature of the silk absorbs your excess body heat and leaves your skin a bit cooler.

But I can already tell that there are people like me who aren’t comfortable with a 75 degree blanket in the summer. In the comments, there are people asking if there are duvets that are a few degrees cooler.

I personally sleep with the air conditioner on much of the time and I’m pretty miserable without it, so I’m pretty sure this duvet wouldn’t be my favorite one, except for in the winter.

That leaves an entire 3 seasons where I wouldn’t use it, so it wouldn’t be practical for me. 

Wrap up

So does the Vesta thermoregulating silk-filled duvet live up to the hype? I’m not so sure that it does. You can’t clean it, which is horrible if you have kids or pets.

It stays a lot hotter than I’d be comfortable with, and the whole idea behind the thing is that it’s going to provide a more comfortable environment to sleep in, so that’s a big disappointment.

There are other silk-filled duvets on the market already, and it doesn’t seem to be that unique.

But one of the biggest let-downs is that it won’t provide you with that silky feeling because the outer layer isn’t made of silk and neither is the cover.

Despite that, Vesta duvet do have some cool features to look into. So, it’s all on you!