[Review] Is VersiCube Worth It?

Certain segments of the population vastly benefit from having something to keep their hands occupied.

Whether it’s a way to deal with nervous energy, helping a hyperactive person stay focused, a way to bust boredom, or a way to deal with sensory issues, fidget spinners and cubes have been pretty popular for several years now.

For myself, they’re temporarily amusing until I either lose them or lose interest in them, which is a shame because I’ve got ADHD and it’s really hard for me to focus on anything. 

In this article, we gonna look at this new cube named VersiCube and to discuss whether is it worth to support the Kickstarter campaign.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The Advertised Selling Point  

Versicube was created to solve several of these problems and hopefully a few more.

It’s machined from aluminum, has radial edges (so it’s easy to turn in your hand) and dished faces (to accommodate fingers).

There are 9 holes on each face of the Versicube, which add to it’s visual aesthetics, but also provide some texture to it.

There are two different sizes, the Versicube Mini and the Versicube. And the creators offer lots of ideas for what to do with it, such as using it as a fidget cube, playing tic tac toe with it (there are pegs that come with it for this purpose), earrings, necklaces, ornaments for dog collars, desk art and more.

But does the Versicube live up to all the hype? 

Our Analysis and Review

This isn’t an original idea.

The only things I can see that set it apart are the holes throughout it and the dished faces.

But in terms of using a cube for anxiety, there are way more interesting ones on the market. For instance, this one has a cool galaxy graphic on it that’s way more pleasing than some holes: 

It also has parts that actually move, which seems more useful than an ordinary cube. This one has a rubik’s cube pattern on it, which would give you some mental stimulation that the Versicube doesn’t provide.

But I’m a gamer, so I’m personally a fan of this fidget controller.

The Potential Shortcomings

One thing that I found odd was that the Versicube is marketed as something that you can use as a pencil holder, which is fine. But if you look under the campaign’s “Updates” page, there’s a “Cross Promotions” section, and this pencil holder is the first thing listed: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gtscientific/mini-cnc-machined-aluminum-pen-holders

It’s generally not good marketing to promote a product alongside yours that will do exactly the same thing.

But the worst part about this is that the pen holder they’re promoting actually looks better as a pen holder than the Versicube does, and I could actually see it fitting into some fancy office decor.

The Versicube on the other hand, would kind of stand out, and probably not in a good way. 

Sharp edges

I’m also a parent, so I have a few issues to bring up in terms of little ones, too. The very first thing I saw was the edges.

Have you ever endured the hell that is stepping on a Leggo? Imagine that, but aluminum.

That’s what it would be like to step on the Versicube with bare feet. It seems perfectly safe until you account for that, and other things like the tendency that kids have to throw things (ouch).

The Versicube Mini is definitely not something I would buy for my son, and he’s old enough that he wouldn’t leave things in the floor or throw it at me or his friends. Why? The littler something is, the more likely it is to be lost, left somewhere or otherwise accidentally discarded.

These cost a pretty penny for someone to just lose it. So, even though kids love fidget devices, this isn’t one I can see being practical for them. 

Wrap Up

So, is the Versicube worth it? Maybe.

However, If you really want a more feature-rich fidget device, then check out the ones I mentioned above. They have more features than the Versicube.

Even Versicube’s creators don’t think that it makes a good enough pencil holder, or they wouldn’t be promoting a better one along with theirs. And it doesn’t seem like a good idea for kids, which would be the main reason a lot of people would even consider buying it.

The only reason I could see buying it is for art. The Versicubes do make interesting earrings and I could see them being an interesting statement piece for a coffee table. Just don’t let it hit the floor, because stepping on it would surely suck!