[Review] Is Silver Ankle Socks Worth It?

Many people deal with stinky, sweaty feet. There are lots of ways to get sweaty feet, whether it’s from working out, wearing boots to work, working long hours on your feet, or simply having natural foot odor, it’s all embarrassing.

Today, we’ll look at a Kickstarter campaign for Silver Ankle Socks and give you all the information you need in order to decide whether or not you want to back the product.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

There are a few things that are disconcerting about this particular campaign. According to backer’s comments and the creator’s replies to them, some people still haven’t received their underwear from the last campaign.

By “some people” I mean almost half of the backers from the previous campaign. 40% of the orders still have not been shipped, and they’re 1 week into the new campaign.

It’s never a good sign when backers from previous campaigns back a new campaign just to comment and ask where their stuff is. 

There’s some confusion about how many socks you actually get. Some of the text says 2, 8 or 16 pairs, while others say 2, 8 or 16 socks.

There’s a big difference there. The creator has said that you get pairs when you buy “packs” or “packages”, but that when they mention a number of “socks”, that’s what you get.

That’s fairly confusing and I’m not sure what to tell you in terms of “If I’m not getting pairs of socks what am I getting” because the wording is so ambiguous. 

Our Analysis and Review

The main feature is a bit useless to the average person. The socks contain silver, which means they will make no odor. They’re also moisture-wicking and temperature regulating.

There’s silver weaved into the sock, so it’s not supposed to come apart in the wash. But they’re designed to not need to be washed as often.

How many washes can they withstand? That’s unclear. But there’s a 1-year warranty on them, so they’re not likely to last much longer than that.

One backer pointed out in the comments that for most people, the socks are pointless because you can wash your socks and your feet and eliminate odor.

If you’re consistently sweaty or smelly, or if you work out a lot but can’t do laundry very often, they’re a good idea. Otherwise, they’re not so practical. 

The Potential Shortcomings

There’s only one style of the socks right now, and that’s ankle- length. So, for those who have to wear boots for work, they can’t really wear these socks without causing blisters.

There aren’t any boot-cut, crew-cut or no-show socks available right now.

There’s a lot of backer support for the boot-cut socks in the comments, however and the creators say there’s a lot of support for no-show socks, as well, so they’re considering both. 

The socks are currently made from cotton. But, there’s lots of backer support for socks made from merino wool.

There are lots of advantages to merino wool. Like the silver, merino wool is odor resistant and moisture wicking. It’s ideal for layering in cold weather. It’s also UPF resistant and fire resistant, so if you have them too close to a camp fire, they won’t melt or catch on fire.

And it’s a natural, soft,  biodegradable material. So, it seems like the merino wool is a better option than the cotton.

It seems to be more compatible with their current product. So, let’s hope the creators actually pay attention to the backers and put out both cotton and merino wool socks, at the least. 

Wrap Up

So, are the silver ankle socks worth it? I really don’t think they are unless you’re constantly sweating, smelly, or can’t do laundry often. For most people, I don’t think they’re going to be very useful. If you do decide to get them, I would suggest waiting until this campaign is over to see if backers get their products shipped to them before they start another campaign this time. In the meantime, the button below to Amazon is the similar socks in different styles that seem like better bets to me.