[Review] Is Blurams Worth It?

Home security is more important than ever in these times, and it’s a lot more technologically advanced than in previous decades. However, home security systems can be very expensive and require massively complicated installation. The creators of Blurams seek to solve these problems with their smart doorbell system. In this article, we’ll be discussing Blurams and its Indiegogo campaign so that you’ll have all of the information you need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The camera on the doorbell has night vision, which is a neat idea. The problem is that it’s not very good. It’s 940nm, as opposed to 850nm. What’s the difference? Well, the 850nm gives off a red glow. They’re the security cameras you see with the ring of little red LED lights around them. 940nm is referred to as “covert IR”. It doesn’t utilize the red lights and doesn’t give off as much of a glow. So, it’s a good way to conceal your camera at night. The problem is that you’re not going to get as good of a picture from 940nm as you would 850nm. It’s also worth noting that with 940nm, you’ll get pictures at 30-40% shorter ranges than 850nm. So, it will work at close range, but the picture will be blurry, and you won’t be able to get good pictures at long ranges. 

Our Analysis and Review

Blurams isn’t ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant. This is going to be a deal-breaker for some of the more seasoned home security vets. So what does “ONVIF” compliance mean? Well, ONVIF was created to be a global standard when it comes to the way that security systems use a physical IP address. Products that are ONVIF compliant will boast interoperability with other ONVIF devices, and it doesn’t matter whether the devices are made by different manufacturers or bought from different places. They will all also communicate with other compliant IP devices in the same way. So, if your security system is ONVIF compliant and you’re looking for an ONVIF compliant smart doorbell system to go with it, this is not the one for you. 

The Potential Shortcomings

Blurams isn’t water or weatherproof. It is splashproof, but it doesn’t have an IPX rating. What does that mean? Basically an IPX rating lets you know what sorts of weather conditions a product will withstand. It stands for “Ingress Protection”. A product without an IPX rating shouldn’t be left in any place where it will be exposed to rain, heavy wind, extreme heat or cold. Basically, if you want to use Blurams outside, you’ll have to have an awning or some other sort of porch protection for it. Many backers have made comments about this, expressing disappointment and concern about it not being waterproof.

When a device is advertised to be “smart”, it’s natural to assume that it will integrate with other smart devices and voice assistants. As of this writing, it Blurams will work with Siri, but that’s it. So, it’s not going to integrate easily with your other smart home services if you have Google or Amazon devices. There is an app that goes with the device that allows you to download pictures and videos to your phone and such, which does make it a smart device. They’re working on making it work with other services, however. It may soon work with your other devices, or they may make subsequent campaigns that utilize this feature. 

Wrap Up

So, is Blurams worth it? I don’t really think so. It’s not water or weatherproof, and there’s no weatherproof shield for it. You can’t download photos and videos to your computer or share them with other people. There aren’t other security features available with it, like alarms or lights. And it doesn’t integrate with other smart home services. But if you want one that will do all of the above, check out the Ring doorbell. For a smart doorbell, it actually has a lot of features that aren’t available with Blurams, so you may find it to be a better option.