[Review] Is Breakaway Bike Worth It?

In these trying and uncertain times, many people find themselves staying indoors more than ever. It seems like the perfect time to actually buy that exercise bike you’ve been contemplating for so long. But, many people live in confined spaces.

That’s the problem that the creators of the product we’re discussing today intended to solve. In this article, we’ll be discussing Breakaway and it’s Indiegogo campaign so that you’ll have all of the information you need in order to make an informed purchasing decision. If you aren’t familiar with the campaign, you can check it out here.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s pretty difficult to know what features you should look for when comparing exercise bikes because there are so many of them. Luckily, I’ve written entire Amazon buying guides about exercise bikes long before I wrote this article. So, here’s what you need to know. When you’re buying an exercise bike, you’ll want to determine if its maximum weight and heights will accommodate you, if it has a monitor, if the resistance is adjustable, and how many people will use it. 

The first thing about this bike that I noticed is that there’s no monitor. It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can connect it to your phone or tablet to integrate with fitness apps. That’s great, but there’s really nowhere on the bike to mount a phone or tablet, so it doesn’t do much good to connect this bike to your devices. Lots of people don’t like to use their phones while they’re working out because they don’t like the constant distractions that come from notifications. Because of its Bluetooth connectivity and integration with apps several people can use the bike, which might be good for families, but could be a deal- breaker for those looking for a monitor with lots of features and the ability to add multiple user profiles. 

Our Analysis and Review

The flywheel on the Breakaway is insanely lightweight. It’s only 8 lbs. This has its advantages, like being more portable as a result. The disadvantage is that you’re not going to get a great workout. If you want a good workout, you’re going to want a flywheel that’s at least 30 lbs. Actually, many people prefer a flywheel that’s 40 lbs or more. Why does a heavier flywheel work better? The extra weight builds up momentum and resistance as you work out. This provides a feeling and a workout closer to that of cycling up a hill. 

There’s no way to control the resistance level. The bike will build up resistance after a bit of cycling, but you won’t actually control when, or how much. This could definitely be problematic. Imagine being a beginner, cycling along and starting to enjoy it, when suddenly a ton of resistance hits you. Likewise, you can imagine how upset an experienced cyclist would be if they had gotten used to a specific resistance setting at the gym, bought the Breakaway bike, and then couldn’t use said resistance setting. Either scenario could be enough to turn a person off of this bike. 

The Potential Shortcomings

Not every body type is suited for this bike. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, but only 250 lbs is recommended. There are plenty of people who weigh more than 250 lbs who purchase exercise bikes, but this one could potentially be dangerous for them to use. Also, the height limit on this bike is 6’4’’. So, anyone over 6’4’’ is going to find it uncomfortable to use, and it could even potentially be dangerous. 

Wrap Up

So, is the Breakaway compact exercise bike worth it? It really depends. If you’re not worried about resistance, under 250 lbs and 6’4’’, and live in a small place with little storage room, this bike might actually be a good idea for you. But if you have some space, check this one out. It has a more comfortable looking seat, an excellent monitor system with plenty of functions, and the maximum weight capacity is 325 lbs.