[Review] Is Pure Over Coffee Maker Worth it?

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, then you’re always looking for a better cup of Joe. Below we will take a deeper look into the Pure Over coffee maker.

Everything from the coffee beans to how the coffee was brewed and what type of filter was used create a drastic difference in taste to the trained palette.

Most filter options are either paper or metal, which not only leave behind a taste, but create a recurring expense and negatively impact the environment.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Etai Rahmil has created Pure Over, which he believes is an answer to all of these problems. Pure Over combined both his love for glass-blowing and coffee, while also creating a product that would reduce carbon footprints.

The Advertised Selling Point  

Pure Over is an all-glass coffee maker that features a glass filter.

The glass coffee maker, filter and ceramic base sit atop a glass mug, ensuring that you can’t possibly taste plastic, metal or paper.

It’s made from clear borosilicate glass, so it’s designed to withstand high temperatures, and you’ll always be able to see how the coffee was brewed.

Pure Over is designed to last a lifetime so that you’ll never have to buy another coffee maker again.

And, it’s going to be packaged in recyclable and biodegradable packaging so that it’s as environmentally friendly as it can be.

But is it really worth it to buy it? 

Our Analysis and Review

One of the selling-points of the Pure Over is that it produces a “bold” cup of coffee. Translation: this is going to be the strongest cup of coffee you’ve ever experienced.

For some people, that’s no big deal. But if you’re not the type to brew up a cup of turbo rocket- fuel, this is probably not the coffee maker is probably not for you. 

If you’ve ever used a French press, you’ll know this pain.

When you don’t use a paper coffee filter, you get coffee grounds or sediment at the bottom of your cup. So, your last few sips are essentially sludge.

The reason you’ll definitely get this from the Pure Over is because of the large holes in the glass filter.

Now, it can be said that the coffee’s natural oils and flavors will be stronger in any cup of coffee that has a bit of sediment in it, and that it will be stronger than a cup without the additional grounds.

The creators of Pure Over even cite that this unique feature creates a cup of coffee that provides you with a “chewy mouthfeel”, which seems to be okay with some people.

But for many of us, it’s a complete turn off. 

The Potential Shortcomings

Say you used the Pure Over and were really impressed with the cup of coffee it brewed and wanted to try it out on some loose leaf tea.

Well, for now you’re out of luck.

Unlike conventional coffee pots, you can’t really brew tea with it. It’s not because you’ll get some sediment in your tea either, because otherwise I’d say go for it.

The creators of Pure Over say it’s not really designed to provide you with a long steep, so it’s not up to making tea. That’s unfortunate for those of us who would love a glass, environmentally-friendly tea maker that would provide us with a great-tasting cup of tea. 

The mug isn’t very functional.

Sure, it’s a glass mug that looks good with the coffee maker because it has the same sort of handle and it provides a uniform aesthetic.

But it’s not double-walled and there’s no lid for it, so it’s not going to keep your coffee hot. It’s also slightly impractical.

The coffee maker is designed to make 10-12 oz at a time, while the mug is 14 oz. Nevermind the fact that you’ve got an entire two extra ounces for some reason (even though selling it this way is much like the hot dog/bun quantity issue), some of us would like to have more than 10 oz of coffee at a time.

So, backers have suggested an XL mug size option. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the creators will listen. 

The Shipping Fee

By far, the problem most expressed in the comments section is the insane shipping prices.

While the creators cite a rise in shipping prices due to Covid-19, it still seems insane to pay as much for shipping as you do for the coffee maker, or more depending on where you live.

And they currently don’t have any options for local pickup, so backers can’t offset that shipping cost by just picking it up.

I personally think that it has less to do with Covid-19 and more to do with the fact that the gadget is all glass, and they went all-out to create environmentally-friendly packaging.

Unfortunately, biodegradable packing peanuts and recyclable packages cost more than regular packaging does.

In all actuality, if that’s what caused the extra shipping costs, the creators should really just come right out and say as much because people would be more willing to pay the prices for it if it were for something eco-friendly. 

Wrap up

So, is the Pure Over worth backing? It depends on if you basically want a different version of a French press.

If you really love using a French press, I could see where this would benefit you. I would be more likely to buy it if it were more multi-purpose.

The fact that it can’t also brew up a cup of tea is a pretty big drawback for me. The only reasons I can see to buy it are because you shouldn’t have to buy another one unless this one breaks, and it’s eco-friendly.

If you’re trying to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, or go off the grid, I could see where this would be a good option.

But I personally don’t like the grounds in my cup, and I don’t usually intend to drink a cup of coffee so strong it gives me the jitters, so the Pure Over doesn’t live up to the hype for me.