[Review] Is Performance Chinos 2.0 Worth It?

It’s really hard for men to find a pair of pants that fits comfortably and moves with them. Heck, that’s hard for anyone to find, not just men!

But more companies are trying to do a better job of making comfortable, flexible pants. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Performance Chino 2.0’s Kickstarter campaign by Woolies Denim and tell you everything you need to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the first problems I have is with the pockets.

These chinos boast an RFID blocking pocket that’s supposed to either hold your cell phone (or part of it), or cards. On the one hand, you won’t have to buy a new RFID blocking wallet. On the other, it’s not like you can just put the cards in your pocket because they’ll get bent or break.

And most men are not going to be able to fit the average, thick wallet into it. Then there’s another problem: if the RFID blocking works on both cards AND cell phones, but there’s only one pocket, something is going to get left out and be vulnerable. 

Then there’s the back pockets.

They zip shut, which is awesome for some extra security. But anyone who’s ever had a pair of pants with buttons, flaps or zippers on the seat knows that they can be uncomfortable.

This is especially true if you have to sit on them for extended periods of time. The creators promise that the zippers are sleek, but even a sleek zipper on the seat is more uncomfortable than none. 

Our Analysis and Review

They’re not environmentally friendly, or even environmentally conscious. They’re made from synthetic materials like polyester and elastane.

There’s no information about whether they use recycled materials to make them. A chemical water repellent is used on them, which is bad for the environment. And the company has put no steps in place to recycle them or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way when they’re no longer able to be used.

While this isn’t a big deal to some people, there are actually backer comments where people have pulled their backing because it bothered them so bad. It’s easy to see why an environmentally conscious person would back these chinos, thinking they were made from a natural material like cotton, and then pull their backing when they found out otherwise. 

In order to get the perfect fit, the creators take 20 different measurements.

Woodies actually promises a perfect fit on these chinos, but state that if it’s not a perfect fit the first time, they’ll send you a new re-sized pair for free. There are two things you should pick up from that statement.

First, they expect that they won’t actually be a perfect fit the first go-around, and you’re going to have to go through some extra aggravation to ensure that you get the right fit.

And second, what happens if they don’t fit right the second time? Do you have to pay for that or what? They only mention the first time, and if there’s going to be a first time, you might as well question whether there will be a second time.

The Potential Shortcomings

Speaking of fit, you’re going to have to take extra care of them so that they don’t shrink. The pants are pre-shrunk. So, putting them in the dryer on a heat setting is going to cause them to shrink to an ill-fitting size. They recommend either a tumble-dry/air dry combination, or simply just air drying them.

Wrap Up

So, is the Performance Chino 2.0 worth it? I could actually see them being worth it if you’re a difficult size. But I’d say to go back to their 1.0 version and to see how the previous campaign and fulfillment goes. The RFID pocket definitely isn’t worth it. So, whether you get this pair of chinos or another, check these RFID options out.