[Review] Is PARADOX TOP Worth It?

The internet is full of useful products and toys. But every now and then a company comes up with something that makes you question if it fits either of those categories.

Today we’ll be discussing the Kickstarter campaign for the Paradox Top by Matter Collection, and give you some useful information so you can decide whether or not you want to back it, or if there are other options that better suit your needs. 

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The top itself is pretty small= just 1.4’’ x 1.35’’. So, it’s reasonable to assume that you could order several without having to pay extra shipping. But the creators have different plans.

If you order 3, no problem. Order 4, and you incur an extra shipping charge. Shipping itself has been rather confusing to many backers, as the creators initially put up a blurry picture that listed each country’s shipping rates.

Backers typed it out and put it in text form in the comments, however, saving people a lot of time and questions. 

Backers have already found some flaws in the design of the top that leads them to believe it won’t spin for very long, and that it might not be very structurally sound.

In the comments, backers have suggested things such as cutting grooves into the shaft and adding a ceramic ball to the shaft. These ideas would make the top more structurally sound, make it spin better, and make it spin for longer at a time. 

Our Analysis and Review

The tops come in aluminum, stainless steel, brass or copper. The copper and brass have been treated with a surface coating to prevent oxidation. But, that’s not going to be permanent.

The coating will eventually wear off or scratch off, and then your top is going to get discolored or rust.

Backers have asked for different types of metal to be used because of this.

A comment by backer Jeffery.

One of the most interesting suggestions that seems to have the most support from backers in the comments section is titanium. It’s rust-resistant, and only requires cleaning.

If you don’t clean it, the worst thing that happens is that it develops a layer of titanium oxide, which further protects the metal. It’s also pretty well-known that titanium is stronger than steel, which makes it pretty durable and long-lasting. 

The Potential Shortcomings

The glass in the Paradox isn’t very strong.

They’re currently using watch glass.  The creator says that the glass wasn’t broken when the top was thrown from 16 inches away. But, if thrown or dropped from further, it might not hold up.

Backers have noted that it isn’t anti-reflective, either.

They’ve went as far as recommending some strong, anti-reflective alternatives, both acrylic and glass. Many backers love the idea of colored glass, as well, and have suggested it as a possible add-on or stretch goal.

The glass is such an issue that backers have commented and asked if they can get their tops sent to them unassembled so that they can customize them, and the creators have said “sure!”. 

Backers repeatedly suggested sapphire glass, rather than regular watch glass. They’ve recently added it as an add-on, for an extra $20. What’s the difference? Regular glass is about a 5 on the MOHs scale.

It can scratch fairly easily, but it’s stronger than plastic. Sapphire glass is actually a man-made sapphire.

The chemical properties of sapphire glass are the same as a sapphire, but unlike a sapphire, it’s clear. It comes in at a 9 on the MOHs scale.

So, you’d have to do something retty drastic to damage it in any significant way. It’s great that they eventually added it on. But, it feels like they really should have just put the sapphire glass in all of the tops and charged more for them, instead of offering up an inferior product. 

Wrap Up

So, does the Paradox Top live up to the hype? I honestly don’t think so, and I don’t think they’re quite finished tinkering with it. I’m sure the finished product will be fantastic, but it’s just not quite there yet. If you’re looking for a fantastic top in many different metal selections, check this one out the button to Amazon below.