[Review] Is Nanobag 4.0 Worth It?

When it comes to grocery bags, you’ve pretty much got 3 choices: hundreds of flimsy plastic bags, flimsy paper bags, or flimsy “reusable” totes.

If you opt for the plastic ones or the paper ones, you’re going to have a mess of bags to deal with once your groceries are put away.

And, no matter what option you choose, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to have to make several trips with armloads of groceries. And then there’s the environmental impact of each choice.

There’s gotta be a better way, right? That’s what the creators of Nanobag 4.0 think, as well. 

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Nanobag 4.0 is the latest version of the previous, and it’s now funding on Kickstarter. People are loving the idea! By the time i publishing this post, it has got over 8000 backers who made pledges.

The Advertised Selling Point  

Nanobag 4.0 is a reusable shopping bag that’s big enough to hold all of your groceries, but can be crammed into a pouch small enough to fit in your pocket.

It’s strong enough to carry up to 66 lbs in it, and designed to be comfortable to carry even when it’s loaded to maximum capacity.

It’s made from a fabric that it will resist rips and tears, and it’s stitched in such a way that the stitching won’t just come apart. It’s also water, rain, mold and mildew resistant.

There are other bag options available, such as a micro, mini, pack and sling. Each of the bag size options comes in a variety of fun prints and colors that make it look really fun.

And for every bag sold, the company will plant a tree through the Eden Reforestation Project because they’re committed to making a “climate positive product”.

But, is the Nanobag 4.0 worth it?

Our Analysis and Review

If you’re wondering why this particular product is called the “Nanobag 4.0”, it’s because there were three other versions.

Backers have commented that the quality of the last version was lacking, especially in the stitching and durability departments.

In fact, you couldn’t really use the 3.0 for heavy loads due to the issues. The creators say that they’ve improved this bag’s quality as well as the manufacturing and quality control process, however. 

The Potential Shortcomings

One thing that could be a bit problematic is that most of the bags don’t have any sort of closure mechanism.

The only things that have a closure mechanism are the backpack version and the pouch that the bags fit into.

The creators say that adding a zipper would have created too much weight to the bag, which is a legitimate concern, but so is having an open bag in a busy city or on the subway. 

Most people would assume that because the company markets itself as a “climate positive product” that the bag would be made from either recycled or biodegradable products.

But it’s definitely not made from recycled materials.

The creators say that they aren’t as strong as their “new” (as opposed to recycled) polymers.

Therefore, their “new polymers actually produce less of a carbon footprint than using enough recycled product to make it as durable as “new” product does.

The bag can be recycled along with plastic waste.

It seems that most of the environmentally friendly aspects of this particular product stem from the fact that you’ll be using it instead of a ton of conventional plastic or paper bags, and the fact that the company promises to plant one tree for every bag purchased. 

Coating and washing of the bag

On the subject of the polymer material that the Nanobag 4.0 is comprised of, it’s not exactly easy to wash. It’s got a coating on it to make it water-resistant.

So, you could put the Nanobag 4.0 in the washing machine, but that would likely remove the coating. The creators recommend hand-washing the bag instead. 

What happens if you want to use more than one Nanobag?

In the event of an epic shopping spree or a trip to the beach, you’re going to have to figure some sort of system with the bags out.

There’s currently no way to store more than one Nanobag in the pouch that contains it. So, multiple bags, multiple pouches. They’re pretty small, but that’s still a pain. 


The next complaint may seem pretty petty, but it’s actually a legitimate gripe. It doesn’t matter what size bag you choose to buy, they all cost the same.

So, it’s a bit of a fly in the ointment for many backers that the smaller bags have fun print designs, but the XL versions don’t. If the price doesn’t change, then more prints should be made available for the XL bags, especially since so many backers have requested it. 

Wrap Up

So, does the Nanobag 4.0 live up to the hype? It’s worth noting that tons of backers from the previous 3 campaigns came back to back this product and say that they use their Nanobags frequently because they love them.

But it’s also worth noting that just as many of those backers have said their bags were faulty.

It’s great that the creators of this campaign say that they’ve stepped up their manufacturing and stitching game.

But, I would recommend waiting to see what backers from this campaign say about the stitching and durability of the bags before purchasing them, just in case there need to be further improvements in the company’s quality control.