[Review] Is the Coolest-Coffee-Table Worth It?

Everyone loves a good coffee table. They add some design whimsy, as well as provide us with functionality. But, someone must have decided that a coffee table should be more than just a table.

Enter, the Coolest Coffee Table. It has a lot of cool features, such as an RGB light show, charging ports, an integrated device control station and even a couple of mini fridges for drinks. But is it actually worth backing?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about The Coolest Coffee Table and its Kickstarter campaign so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. 

The Crowdfunding Campaign

I found a few drawbacks to this product, one of the biggest being that it has to be plugged in. That probably seems obvious, given all of its features. But, what’s not immediately evident is the sheer impracticality of this. Think about it: you’ll have to power something that’s literally in the middle of the room. The creators seem to acknowledge this flaw and offer cord covers as an add-on, and that’s great. But you’ll likely also have to get a rug just so you’re not tripping over cords that are strung out in the middle of the floor.

And, depending on the size of the room, you may need to get an extension cord. It’s going to take some planning in order to get it all right. 

It’s definitely not going to work in every room. The creators advertise it as fitting every room. However, it’s pretty massive. It’s got a 48 inch length and a 25 inch width. That is simply NOT going to fin in every room. I’ve personally lived in a couple of apartments it wouldn’t fit in. Well, it would have fit, but there would have been no walk path. 

Our Analysis and Review

It’s advertised on the campaign page as being a “no assembly required product”. But, there are two things that are concerning about that statement. First, you do have to assemble the legs. That’s really not that big of a deal, but maybe they should state “very little assembly required”. Secondly, it’s very heavy.

The Coolest Coffee Table is 130 lbs. Not only does that create a shipping nightmare with over $100 in shipping fees, you have to actually move this behemoth of a table into your house and set it up. Here’s hoping that there are no stairs where you live, and that you never have to move. This definitely won’t be a piece of furniture that you’ll want to invest in if you have to re-locate soon, or frequently for that matter! 

The plugs are made for households in the United States. They make adapters for this sort of thing. However, if it’s truly meant to be “The Coolest Coffee Table” and make relaxation easy, maybe they should consider some EU-friendly plugs. Backers are already asking about the plugs in the comments. As of this writing, it’s still early in the campaign, so they may decide to do an update with this feature later. 

The Potential Shortcomings

The fridges for the drinks are a nice touch, but they don’t seem to hold many drinks. The creators don’t actually specify exactly how many drinks it will hold in total. I studied some of the pictures on their campaign page and I’m pretty sure that you can’t fit an entire six-pack into the table’s fridges. So, it would be good for solo binge-sessions, or for just you and a friend or partner. But if you have a big gathering, or more than a couple of kids, it’s not going to accommodate that. Someone is going to have to be disappointed and actually have to go into the kitchen to get their drink. 

Wrap Up

So, does The Coolest Coffee Table live up to the hype? I think that depends. If you have enough room for it, you figure out how to stash the cords so that you don’t trip on them, you live in the U.S. and don’t have a problem with those sorts of plugs, and don’t have a problem paying the shipping and then lugging the thing around to get it into position, it’s actually pretty cool. But, if you live in the EU and don’t want to use adapters, live in a small apartment, or don’t have help to carry a table that’s 130 lbs., it’s possible that this one won’t seem like the coolest coffee table to you.