Why are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Is a good Moscow Mule all about the mug? Can you drink it of just about any vessel or is a copper mug an absolutely necessary requirement? Apart from looking pretty and keeping the drink ice cold, does the copper mug affect its taste? These are all important questions that are about to be answered right now.


Why is the Moscow Mule Traditionally Served in Copper Mugs?

Moscow Mule is designed to be the perfect refreshing drink for the hot summer days. Because of this characteristic, the temperature at which a Moscow Mule is served will play a critical role in the quality of the cocktail. Most materials don’t have impressive insulating qualities, which means that the Moscow Mule will quickly get warm.

Originally, the copper mug was used to make the drink different from others. In a sense, it was a marketing trick aimed at establishing a certain reputation for the brand new cocktail. With time, the producers of those first mugs found out that copper keeps the drink ice cold for a longer period of time. Thus, their advertising strategy paid off with a practical benefit.

Sometimes, Moscow Mule cocktails are served in glasses. Many people who are avid fans of the cocktail, however, report that it doesn’t have the same taste and perfect temperature.

Original copper mugs from the 1940s can still be found in vintage stores today. The tradition, however, is still alive. Many companies manufacture brand new Moscow Mule mugs from copper. People interested in something a bit more authentic and genuine can go for the handcrafted cups. These, however, tend to be more expensive than the mass-manufactured Moscow Mule copper mugs.

Does Copper Affect the Taste of the Cocktail?

One of the first things you’ll feel when drinking a Moscow Mule from a copper mug is that the rim becomes icy almost immediately after the drink is poured inside. This ice cold sensation on the lips of the cocktail drinker contributes to the refreshing benefits of the Moscow Mule.

The taste benefits of drinking from a copper vessel are considered subjective – there’s no scientific evidence that copper alters the taste of the cocktail in any way.

Some people believe that the copper makes the flavors of the Moscow mule components stronger. The cocktail consists of vodka, ginger beer and lime. When the vodka comes in contact with the copper, it causes a gentle oxidation process. This process has an impact on the flavors of the three components.

It’s also interesting to point out that the cold metal can increase the bubble production resulting from the ginger beer carbonation. Thus, Moscow Mule fans swear that the cocktail poured in a copper mug is a lot fizzier than the Moscow Mule served in a glass.

It’s All about the Presentation

Some people sense the Moscow Mule difference stemming from the mug being used, others can’t really detect a stronger flavor. What matters, however, is that the presentation impacts the ritual.

Can you imagine a martini being served in anything else but a martini glass? How about white wine? The situation is similar when it comes to Moscow Mule cocktails. The copper mug is an integral part of the cocktail making ritual.

A Moscow Mule is incredibly easy to make, which is why the popularity of the cocktail is high. Its refreshing characteristics are also turning it in the perfect summer-time alcoholic beverage. Copper mugs maintain the cocktail ice cold and their icy rim makes Moscow Mules even more visually pleasing. The cocktail looks refreshing and chilly right from the start, tempting people to give it a try.

The Moscow Mule started being offered in copper mugs in Manhattan bars back in 1941. This tradition has remained unchanged and there’s a reason why.

Copper does produce a range of benefits over other materials that vessels are being made of. Needless to say, you can make Moscow Mules and drink the cocktails in any kind of glass that you currently have available. A genuine experience, however, necessitates copper mugs. The market features numerous inexpensive and beautiful sets that just about everyone can purchase. Once you taste a Moscow Mule served in a copper mug, you’ll quickly understand what the buzz is all about.


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