Waring Pro IC70: The Best Ice Crushing Machines

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Crushed ice is needed for slushies and smoothies, not to mention its applications in the culinary business. A quality, heavy-duty, professional ice crushing machine will be mandatory for guaranteeing both quality and volume.

Waring Pro IC70 is one of the best ice crushing machines on the market. Several characteristics determine why it’s the appliance of preference for many in need of a solid and reliable ice crusher and why it brings professional quality to home users.

Main Characteristics

Waring Pro IC70 has a powerful motor (150 watts) that ensures the smooth and effective functioning of the machine. The machine is also equipped with heavy duty blades made of stainless steel. Because of its solid construction, Waring Pro IC70 has a capacity of 50 pounds of ice per hour.

The top of the machine is equipped with a funnel attachment. This top contraption can hold up to 12 cups of crushed ice at the same time. The input ice variety is in the form of cubes.

Technical Specifications

The machine measures slightly over 16 inches in height and its width is 11 inches. At the same time, the machine is particularly lightweight – eight pounds.

The container and the top funnel are removable. Taking these parts out simplifies the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. The stainless steel base itself has to be wiped occasionally with a wet microfibre cloth to maintain its impeccable appearance.

Waring Pro IC70 comes with a one year warranty, so you can rest assured that the appliance you’re buying is of sufficiently high quality.

Who is This Ice Crusher Suitable for?

Waring Pro IC70 is mainly designed to give professional quality for at-home use. It’s great for the families that use a lot of ice during the summer months and are in need of a machine that has a significant output.

The owners of small cafés and small offices will also benefit from the purchase of the machine.

Larger facilities may find that Waring Pro IC70 isn’t the right appliance for their needs. It doesn’t have such a serious hourly output to meet a heavy demand for chilly drinks and slushies.

The crushed ice pieces come in irregular shapes and differing sizes, which is another important consideration. This machine isn’t the one that will produce very finely crushed or shaved ice that looks as if it had been powdered. Thus, it can’t be used to make snow cones but the range of alternative applications is significant.

Biggest Advantages

The big capacity and the serious output of the machine are two of its biggest advantages. It’s ideal for parties and for larger families. But this isn’t all – Waring Pro IC70 has a number of additional pros:

  • A professional quality machine designed for home use
  • Solid build and quality materials
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel blades will have no problems crushing ice into smaller pieces
  • A powerful motor that keeps the blades running and maximises the output
  • The wide-mouth funnel attachment simplifies the use of the machine even further
  • An on/off toggle switch is available for ease of use
  • The ice output pieces will be small and crunchy

A Few Shortcomings

Anyone that’s considering the purchase of the particular ice crusher should keep the following shortcomings in mind:

  • It doesn’t produce shaved or powdered ice, the output ice pieces are a bit larger
  • Some of the ice cubes could potentially start sticking, slowing down the blades
  • When larger ice cubes are used, they may not be crushed that well

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an ice crusher that has a high output and that will give your family sufficient quantities of slushie and smoothie material, you’ll be happy with Waring Pro IC70. The ice crusher is very easy to use, it has powerful blades and you’ll be more than happy with the hourly output.

Waring Pro IC70 is a popular name and the machine has already gotten a big number of positive customer reviews. The price to quality ratio is excellent, giving you yet another reason to think about purchasing the particular item.


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