The Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

For thousands of years, people have been drinking beverages from copper vessels. A copper mug is an absolute must for a Moscow Mule and the tradition has remained unchanged. It gained popularity in the 1940s and some of those original cups can still be found in vintage stores.

Modern copper mugs are equally attractive and if you’re looking for such pieces, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best Moscow Mule copper mugs and the characteristics that make them so great.

Paykoc Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug

This is a beautiful handcrafted copper mug that has a traditional design. Paykoc Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug is a bit larger than traditional mugs and it can hold up to 18 ounces. It’s crafted out of solid, unlaquered copper that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

One of the coolest characteristics of the mug is the large riveted handle. This mug remains warm, even when an ice cold drink is poured inside.

The mug is made in Turkey and occasionally, a set can be purchased at a discount. Keep in mind that the exterior of the mug will develop some patina (the interior will remain shiny due to the use of lime juice in the Moscow Mule). If you want to keep the exterior patina-free, you’ll have to occasionally polish the mug either with lemon juice or with a specialized product.

Moscow Mule Mug by Cocktail Kingdom

More affordable than the first entry in the list, the Moscow Mule Mug by Cocktail Kingdom is also a bit more humorous. A kicking mule logo decorates the side and makes this vessel a lot more intriguing than traditional mugs.

The mug is made from pure copper and it’s a reproduction of a 1946 original. This is a commercial-grade product that can be used both at home and in a cocktail bar that serves the delicious Moscow Mule.

The thickness of the walls and the copper help maintain the drink cool for a longer period of time. The size is a bit smaller than what other mugs on the market have to offer. Some people love this feature, others hate it. If you’re satisfied with an eight-ounce capacity, you’ll definitely enjoy the vessel.

A29 Moscow Mule 100% Solid Pure Copper Unlined Mugs

The set of four Moscow Mule copper mugs is a bit expensive but it’s occasionally available at a discounted price. Several characteristics determine why the A29 Moscow Mule mugs are a bit pricey.

For a start, they’re made of food-grade copper. There’s no stainless steel or nickel in the mugs and each one is handcrafted. The pure hammered copper mugs are reminiscent of the vintage designs and they guarantee a truly enjoyable cocktail experience.

Each mug has a 16-ounce capacity. Many drinks can be prepared and poured in these mugs, including iced coffee, beer and even drinking water. The mugs will “lock” the coolness inside the drink – a perfect feature for the hot summer days.

These mugs are also externally lacquered. They’ll remain shiny and beautiful even after years of use.

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Mugs

The set of two features two Moscow Mule mugs and two handcrafted wooden coasters. The Advanced Mixology mugs are made of pure copper and their capacity is 16-ounces each. Many believe this is the optimal capacity for a Moscow Mule mug.

Advanced Mixology has its specialized joining technology that makes it possible to craft the mugs without drilling holes and using rivets.

The mugs are covered in food-grade lacquer that keeps them from developing patina.

Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug is just one vessel rather than a set but it has a 20-ounce capacity.

The mug features a stainless steel lining and a copper exterior. This is the main reason why the product appears last in the list. Some purists aren’t going to be happy with the use of two metals, regardless of the fact that stainless steel doesn’t change the characteristics of the mug significantly.

There’s one other interesting feature. Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug features a solid brass handle that comes with easy to grip design.

This mug should be hand washed. It’s not suitable for placement in the dishwasher and it may sustain some damage there.


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