Solar Powered Ice Maker

Ice makers come in all shapes and sizes. While there are so many functionalities to choose among, there still isn’t a whole lot of diversity when it comes to the source of power for the appliance. Electricity is required to make an ice maker run.

The concept of a solar powered ice maker sounds really great but can you find such an appliance on the market? Let’s find out.

Does the Market Feature Solar Powered Ice Makers?

Solar technologies have gone a long way since those early days. Various types of gadgets and appliances already have small solar panels that get charged underneath sunlight. Unfortunately, ice makers haven’t made the transition yet.

Even if you do extensive research, you will still be incapable of identifying a residential ice maker that is solar powered. Chances are that you’ll come across various DIY projects. Large manufacturers, however, haven’t began utilizing the technology yet.

Concept Designs

The fact that residential ice makers that are solar paneled don’t exist yet is in no way indicative of the lack of experiments in the field.

Several companies are already experimenting with concept designs and utilizing the power of the sun to make ice, as paradoxical as such projects may sound. The ISAAC Solar Icemaker is just one example.

ISAAC Solar Icemaker used solar energy during the day to make liquid ammonia. Liquid ammonia is a powerful refrigerant. During the night, a thermosyphon cools down the entire appliance. The vapor that forms inside cools down and makes ice. During this proves, the ammonia gets reabsorbed by the icemaker. The entire process is repeated from the very beginning during the next day.

As already mentioned, this is a concept design. The ISAAC Solar Icemaker is currently a huge machine. A lot of time and additional innovation will be required until a machine like this one decreases in size and is brought inside the regular household kitchen.

ISAAC Solar Ice Maker isn’t the only concept design in this field. Researchers atSan JoseStateUniversity have worked on a similar appliance. It looks pretty much like the ISAAC Solar Ice Maker. The sunlight is once again required to power a chemical reaction that involves a liquid refrigerant. The massive heat loss enables the appliance to make approximately 14 pounds of ice per cycle.

The researchers are intending this appliance for use in disaster relief operations. The fact that the ice maker is solar powered means that it can be used in instances when the electricity is off.

A Few Considerations and Limitations

Just like any other new technology, this one is currently limited in terms of use by the high price of the components.

A machine like the ISAAC Solar Ice Maker or the similar concept design created atSan JoseStateUniversity cost more than 7,000 dollars. Chances are that the manufacturing of solar powered ice maker would become much more affordable in the future, which will enable the mass manufacturing of such appliances.

The size of such machines is also a major limitation at the time being.

Make Your Own

For the time being, you’re left with an opportunity to make your own solar powered ice maker. Internet features dozens of instruction websites and detailed projects that will enable you to harness the power of the sun for ice production.

The following video highlights all of the details and the items you will need to purchase to make a solar powered ice machine. 90-watt or 45-watt solar panels will be required. The good news is that such supplies have become quite common and you’ll be free from having to invest a large sum of money in the execution of the project.


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