Seven Novelty Ice Cube Shapes

Who would want to use traditional ice cubes when things could be much more exciting? Luckily, the market features dozens of options that look cool and that will create the ideal drink chillers for a party.

If you’d like to explore innovative ice cube shapes, this article is the perfect one for you. Here are some of the strangest, funkiest and most exciting novelty ice cube shapes.

5 Lego Ice Cube Silicone Trays

For the Lego enthusiasts out there, this silicone tray is an ideal pick. The molds can also double for candy or soap making, giving the buyer a little bit of versatility when it comes to creating Lego brick shaped items.

This is a five-piece set featuring different shapes and sizes. On top of featuring the traditional Lego bricks, one of the molds is also suitable for the creation of ice figurines.

Fairly Odd Novelties Kitten Shaped 10 Ice Cubes Tray Mold

For the cat lovers out there, this ice tray will be the perfect gift. The Fairly Odd Novelties product looks cool because the tray itself is shaped as a cat. It can be used for the creation of 10 adorable cat-shaped ice cubes.

The only downside is that the tray can make 10 cubes at a time. If you’re getting ready for a big party, you’ll need to start early with the ice-making activities in order to have a sufficient number of kitten-shaped drink chillers.

Bonison Green Lemon-Shape Silicone Ice Cube Tray

The shape variety in this instance is quite a lot simpler but the lemon-shaped ice cubes will look really fun inside a cocktail.

The Bonison silicone ice cube tray can be used to make 10 ice cubes – five of them will come out as entire lemons and the other half will look like a lemon cut in half. The silicone tray is also safe for making jell-o desserts or even cookies because of its high tolerance for temperature fluctuations.

Pineapple Ice Tray

Since we’re already on the fruit and veggie topic, here’s another ice cube shape that will definitely make drinks exciting.

The ice tray itself is shaped as a pineapple and as you’ve already guessed, it can be used to make 12 pineapple-shaped ice cubes. The tray will be a particularly good idea for tropical cocktails or outdoor parties at the beach.

Efivs Arts Penguins and Sea Creature Ice Tray

Due to advanced made in food-grade silicone, it’s possible to create some pretty complex shapes out of frozen water. This Efivs Arts silicone ice tray is the perfect example that illustrates the claim.

The set consists of a top and bottom mold. It can be used to create sea creature shapes. Some of the cute and fun options include a penguin, a whale and several different kinds of fish. Apart from being an ice cube tray, the mold doubles as a bake chocolate tray.

Polar Ice Cube Molds

This is probably one of the coolest and the oddest items included in the list.

The Fivebop Polar Ice Cube Molds is a set of two silicone molds. One can be used to create a polar bear and the other will result in a penguin sitting on a glacier. The coolest aspect of these ice cubes is that half will be submerged in the drink while the other half will be floating on top.

According to the manufacturers, this design has a functional benefit apart from looking cool. It will melt very slowly, which means that the drink isn’t going to get too diluted.

HDE Shot Glass Ice Tray

If creating cool and funky ice cubes to place inside your drinks doesn’t seem enough, you may want to try this idea. The HDE Shot Glass Ice Tray enables you to make your own little shot glasses made entirely from frozen water.

A single tray can be used to make four shot glasses. You can make the glasses by using only water or you can mix syrup, juice or even gelatin to give your glasses a little bit of color. The decision is also going to influence the taste of the shots that you’re going to pour in the DIY glasses.


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