Emerson portable ice maker review

Recognized for an array of appliances, Emerson has a really popular ice maker – IM90. With over 125 years of experience, the company has a big number of loyal customers. There are several characteristics that make Emerson IM90 a popular portable ice maker. The following review will acquaint you with the most crucial of those.

Overview and Technical Specs

The Emerson portable ice maker IM90 is created to make up to 26 pounds of ice per day. The appliance gives the user a chance to choose among three bullet-shaped ice cubes – a small, a medium and a large one.

The machine is also equipped with a 2.2-pound ice bin and a 3.2-liter water reservoir. The dimensions of the two containers signify that you’ll be free from having to empty the ice frequently or do constant water refills.

A few other noteworthy technical characteristics of the appliance include:

  • Only 10 minutes required for Emerson IM90 to produce a batch of nine ice cubes
  • A high efficient, silent compressor
  • Electronic controls and display for easy adjustments
  • A removable basket for easier retrieval of the ice
  • A lightweight design – the entire appliance weighs only 27 pounds
  • Dimensions of 16.5 by 15.9 by 13.5 inches

Biggest Advantages

The Emerson portable ice maker IM90 has been reviewed by a big number of consumers. People that bought and used the machine have a lot of information to share about their favorite characteristics. Some of the advantages mentioned in more than one buyer review include the following:

  • Compact and portable: the dimensions and the design of the appliance turn Emerson IM90 in the perfect portable ice maker. It’s so lightweight and compact that the machine can easily be taken outside and used during parties or even picnics. The appliance doesn’t have to be connected to a main water source, which means that it can be used just about everywhere.
  • Three sizes and a big number of cubes produces simultaneously: most portable machines can make either one or two sizes of ice cubes. Emerson IM90 is different. It makes three different sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes. In addition, the appliance needs only 10 minutes to produce a batch of nine ice cubes. This is also a higher number than what other portable machines deliver.
  • Silent: the fan of the compressor runs while the machine is making ice. It’s needed to cool down the appliance and provide the necessary temperature for the processor. While the compressor is on for a long period of time, it does function silently. Most people that used Emerson IM90 weren’t disturbed by the noise made by the machine and they reported that it functions rather silently in comparison to other ice makers.
  • Chewable ice: the ice cubes that Emerson IM90 makes are hollow on the inside. This fact means that the machine can make them easily and that the cubes are also easy to store once taken out of the appliance. Because this isn’t a thick, solid ice cube, the ice is chewable. To get the best results, use filtered water.

A Few Shortcomings

The disadvantages aren’t that many. Once again, going through buyer reviews and relying on our personal experience, we’ve been capable of pinpointing the following shortcomings:

  • Small drainage hole: since the water drainage hole is very small, it would take a while for the entire process to be completed.
  • Only in white: while some other appliances are available in black and stainless steel varieties, the Emerson portable ice maker is only available in white. This may be an inconvenience for some people who aren’t comfortable with the color because it requires more cleaning and maintenance.
  • Smelly interior: when the appliance is used for the first time, it gives the ice cube a chemical taste. To get rid of the problem, dilute some vinegar in the water, make ice cubes and dump them. Once you run clear water through the machine a couple of times after using the vinegar, you’ll get completely taste-free ice cubes.

Final Verdict

The Emerson portable ice maker has a lot to offer for such a reasonably priced appliance. It’s easy to use, it makes a lot of ice and the machine is provided with all of the essential features needed to simplify the process.

While the appliance does have a few shortcomings, they don’t interfere with the ice making process. If you want a well-made, functional ice machine, you’ll be happy with Emerson IM90.


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