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Why are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Is a good Moscow Mule all about the mug? Can you drink it of just about any vessel or is a copper mug an absolutely necessary requirement? Apart from looking pretty and keeping the drink ice cold, does the copper mug affect its taste? These are all important questions that are about to be answered right now.


Why is the Moscow Mule Traditionally Served in Copper Mugs?

Moscow Mule is designed to be the perfect refreshing drink for the hot summer days. Because of this characteristic, the temperature at which a Moscow Mule is served will play a critical role in the quality of the cocktail. Most materials don’t have impressive insulating qualities, which means that the Moscow Mule will quickly get warm.

Originally, the copper mug was used to make the drink different from others. In a sense, it was a marketing trick aimed at establishing a certain reputation for the brand new cocktail. With time, the producers of those first mugs found out that copper keeps the drink ice cold for a longer period of time. Thus, their advertising strategy paid off with a practical benefit.

Sometimes, Moscow Mule cocktails are served in glasses. Many people who are avid fans of the cocktail, however, report that it doesn’t have the same taste and perfect temperature.

Original copper mugs from the 1940s can still be found in vintage stores today. The tradition, however, is still alive. Many companies manufacture brand new Moscow Mule mugs from copper. People interested in something a bit more authentic and genuine can go for the handcrafted cups. These, however, tend to be more expensive than the mass-manufactured Moscow Mule copper mugs.

Does Copper Affect the Taste of the Cocktail?

One of the first things you’ll feel when drinking a Moscow Mule from a copper mug is that the rim becomes icy almost immediately after the drink is poured inside. This ice cold sensation on the lips of the cocktail drinker contributes to the refreshing benefits of the Moscow Mule.

The taste benefits of drinking from a copper vessel are considered subjective – there’s no scientific evidence that copper alters the taste of the cocktail in any way.

Some people believe that the copper makes the flavors of the Moscow mule components stronger. The cocktail consists of vodka, ginger beer and lime. When the vodka comes in contact with the copper, it causes a gentle oxidation process. This process has an impact on the flavors of the three components.

It’s also interesting to point out that the cold metal can increase the bubble production resulting from the ginger beer carbonation. Thus, Moscow Mule fans swear that the cocktail poured in a copper mug is a lot fizzier than the Moscow Mule served in a glass.

It’s All about the Presentation

Some people sense the Moscow Mule difference stemming from the mug being used, others can’t really detect a stronger flavor. What matters, however, is that the presentation impacts the ritual.

Can you imagine a martini being served in anything else but a martini glass? How about white wine? The situation is similar when it comes to Moscow Mule cocktails. The copper mug is an integral part of the cocktail making ritual.

A Moscow Mule is incredibly easy to make, which is why the popularity of the cocktail is high. Its refreshing characteristics are also turning it in the perfect summer-time alcoholic beverage. Copper mugs maintain the cocktail ice cold and their icy rim makes Moscow Mules even more visually pleasing. The cocktail looks refreshing and chilly right from the start, tempting people to give it a try.

The Moscow Mule started being offered in copper mugs in Manhattan bars back in 1941. This tradition has remained unchanged and there’s a reason why.

Copper does produce a range of benefits over other materials that vessels are being made of. Needless to say, you can make Moscow Mules and drink the cocktails in any kind of glass that you currently have available. A genuine experience, however, necessitates copper mugs. The market features numerous inexpensive and beautiful sets that just about everyone can purchase. Once you taste a Moscow Mule served in a copper mug, you’ll quickly understand what the buzz is all about.

The Best Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

For thousands of years, people have been drinking beverages from copper vessels. A copper mug is an absolute must for a Moscow Mule and the tradition has remained unchanged. It gained popularity in the 1940s and some of those original cups can still be found in vintage stores.

Modern copper mugs are equally attractive and if you’re looking for such pieces, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best Moscow Mule copper mugs and the characteristics that make them so great.

Paykoc Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug

This is a beautiful handcrafted copper mug that has a traditional design. Paykoc Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug is a bit larger than traditional mugs and it can hold up to 18 ounces. It’s crafted out of solid, unlaquered copper that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

One of the coolest characteristics of the mug is the large riveted handle. This mug remains warm, even when an ice cold drink is poured inside.

The mug is made in Turkey and occasionally, a set can be purchased at a discount. Keep in mind that the exterior of the mug will develop some patina (the interior will remain shiny due to the use of lime juice in the Moscow Mule). If you want to keep the exterior patina-free, you’ll have to occasionally polish the mug either with lemon juice or with a specialized product.

Moscow Mule Mug by Cocktail Kingdom

More affordable than the first entry in the list, the Moscow Mule Mug by Cocktail Kingdom is also a bit more humorous. A kicking mule logo decorates the side and makes this vessel a lot more intriguing than traditional mugs.

The mug is made from pure copper and it’s a reproduction of a 1946 original. This is a commercial-grade product that can be used both at home and in a cocktail bar that serves the delicious Moscow Mule.

The thickness of the walls and the copper help maintain the drink cool for a longer period of time. The size is a bit smaller than what other mugs on the market have to offer. Some people love this feature, others hate it. If you’re satisfied with an eight-ounce capacity, you’ll definitely enjoy the vessel.

A29 Moscow Mule 100% Solid Pure Copper Unlined Mugs

The set of four Moscow Mule copper mugs is a bit expensive but it’s occasionally available at a discounted price. Several characteristics determine why the A29 Moscow Mule mugs are a bit pricey.

For a start, they’re made of food-grade copper. There’s no stainless steel or nickel in the mugs and each one is handcrafted. The pure hammered copper mugs are reminiscent of the vintage designs and they guarantee a truly enjoyable cocktail experience.

Each mug has a 16-ounce capacity. Many drinks can be prepared and poured in these mugs, including iced coffee, beer and even drinking water. The mugs will “lock” the coolness inside the drink – a perfect feature for the hot summer days.

These mugs are also externally lacquered. They’ll remain shiny and beautiful even after years of use.

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Mugs

The set of two features two Moscow Mule mugs and two handcrafted wooden coasters. The Advanced Mixology mugs are made of pure copper and their capacity is 16-ounces each. Many believe this is the optimal capacity for a Moscow Mule mug.

Advanced Mixology has its specialized joining technology that makes it possible to craft the mugs without drilling holes and using rivets.

The mugs are covered in food-grade lacquer that keeps them from developing patina.

Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug is just one vessel rather than a set but it has a 20-ounce capacity.

The mug features a stainless steel lining and a copper exterior. This is the main reason why the product appears last in the list. Some purists aren’t going to be happy with the use of two metals, regardless of the fact that stainless steel doesn’t change the characteristics of the mug significantly.

There’s one other interesting feature. Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Mug features a solid brass handle that comes with easy to grip design.

This mug should be hand washed. It’s not suitable for placement in the dishwasher and it may sustain some damage there.

The Emerson IM90 Portable Ice Maker Review

See the #1 Best Ice Maker Machine


Choosing a portable ice maker can become a challenge since there are so many brands and designs available. Some come with intuitive controls while others only come with indicator buttons. There are varieties which boast of LCD Displays, and the fastest ice cube cycles. The best way to shop for a portable ice maker is to read reviews first. By familiarizing yourself with the different capabilities of each ice maker, you are certain to find the perfect portable ice maker suited for your needs.

One of the most popular brand names in kitchen appliances is Emerson. This manufacturer is well-known and trusted to put out great products. Their ice making machine is no exception.  We have reviewed their design and provided a reliable insight here for your benefit.  The best prices and services for the purchase of any portable ice maker is going to be of course, Amazon.  If you are not familiar with the Amazon marketplace, take the time to explore the exceptional differences Amazon makes in comparison to other marketplaces. Typically, you are going to be able to save a lot of money and time using Amazon. They ship their products quickly and efficiently making it one of the best places to buy products.

Emerson Portable Ice Maker

Available at Amazon for $134.88

The Emerson Portable ice maker is a sleek compact machine which is in the top 10 of most purchased portable ice makers. If you are looking to put an ice machine on your countertop, this ice maker is 16 inches in height and weighs 27 pounds. The corner display buttons make it perfect for sliding into a corner countertop in your kitchen, R.V., boat, or mini-bar.

The Emerson ice maker will make regular tube-shaped cubes in three different sizes. Small cubes can be made in as little of time as 7 minutes with the large ones taking around 15 minutes to cycle. As with most ice making machines, the first batch is going to take longer than the subsequent batches.

This version of a portable ice maker may seem a little bulky, but it does produce a large amount of ice. The ice machine is also easy to maintain and clean with help from the intuitive controls.

Portable ice maker machines can be used for home or office. They are well-suited for business break rooms. If you are big on parties or backyard bbq’s, then pick up a portable ice maker instead of running to the store for bags of ice.

The Emerson portable ice maker comes with an ice basket, an ice scoop, and an owner’s manual. The ice basket will hold up to 2.2 lbs. of fresh ice cubes. With a compact design, this Emerson ice maker ensures convenient transportation and storage.  It will make around ten ice cubes per cycle. The highly efficient compressor allows for low noise operation.

Emerson makes quality products. This is a perfect addition for anyone who has to have their ice. You will wonder how come you went so long without one.


Sonic Ice Maker Review


When you walk into a store with the main purpose of buying an ice machine you are going to want to have some knowledge on the product and have an idea of which icemaker is the best one to buy. There are so many different kinds that it’s hard to se the difference in them. In this article I will be talking about why the Sonic icemaker is one of the best products for sale today. Sonic icemaker differs from other icemakers because it allows you to choose a variety of different ways to serve your ice; you never have to wait for ice to be ready as the sonic icemaker always has fresh ice ready for use.

The sonic icemaker can change the way in which in dispenses its ice. Normally when you get ice it comes in those giant cubes. Most people enjoy those and the sonic icemaker does have that, but sometimes people want ice to come in different ways. Half nugget for instance is one of the other ways to dispense ice, some people enjoy this because not only does it allow your drink to get very cold but it doesn’t make your drink to watery once the ice has melted. Others enjoy different types of drinks like margaritas; The sonic ice maker has a dispenser in which flakes of ice are dispensed instead of large chunks. This is popular among children too as they can create their own slushies’, This item is specifically a good idea for parties. Reviews on this product are through the roof with all the types of ice that can be created you can have a cold beverage with exactly the right amount of ice that you want.


The sonic icemaker can create an amazing 30lbs of ice in up to 24 hours. So if you are thinking of a day at the beach you can shovel enough ice into a cooler to keep everyone’s drinks ice cold all day long. The sonic icemaker also has a drain included so that water isn’t collected in the tub and make other ice cubes melt as a result. With this ice maker you can plug it into a water source for constant ice or you can have one where you add the water yourself so that you know the ice is absolutely the freshest ice you can possibly have. Sonic icemakers come in all different sizes, you can get a large one for more industrial purposes or you can purchase smaller ones that can sit on your kitchen counter. Know matter what you’re looking for Sonic icemakers have what you need. Just remember that if you are purchasing a smaller icemaker for your counter it will not preserve the ice as well as a large industrial one would. The smaller ones sometime don’t have a cooling system built into the and all large ones do.

These will be in your house or somewhere in your business so style is very important. All Sonic icemakers are built with you in mind and we know that these will catch the eye in a positive way. Stainless steel is the top selling because of how clean and sharp that the product always looks without cleaning it all the time. All ice makers come with a digital panel that will allow you to see if the ice is ready and if you need to add more water. The size of the smaller product is perfect for at home use and can be unplugged and put away whenever you don’t need it, although it is small enough to sit on the counter without taking up room and along with the stainless steel wont bore anything someone will worry about making the kitchen look clustered.

In conclusion the sonic icemaker is a huge hit and people reviews of them are excellent. The style and the multiple ways the ice can be dispensed makes sure that family and friends will be happy with how cold their drinks are not matter what they are drinking. Making your very own slushies for parties was a big positive when people were reviewing this product as not many icemakers can do that.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker Review

Ice-O-Matic icemakers are generally big. These are the icemakers you would see in hotels all over the world. These Icemakers are built to make a large amount of ice in a small amount of time. In this article you will find out why this product is so widely used and will be for a long time.

First off this product is made to last. Because we are dealing with water and metal you want a product that isn’t going to rust over time and make your product not only look bad but also make ice that is contaminated. Ice-O-Matic icemakers are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This means that no matter what you wont have to worry about this product ever getting rust. The bin that the ice lands in is also made out of polyethylene foam. What this means is that when the ice rests in the bin there is a longer period of time that the ice will stay cold and not melt. The bin that you open to retrieve the ice is made with rugged, fingerprint-proof plastic. The advantage of that is less time having to clean it, also when people are getting ice the last thing you want is for them to see fingerprints all over the machine, they might immediately start thinking that people aren’t using the scooper and are just grabbing ice with their hands. This would deter people from using your ice machine and that’s not something that you want to happen.

The built in antimicrobial protection slows bacterial growth on the internal surfaces. So as you can tell when making this product they were very specific with creating an item that would not contaminate the ice and give the consumer the best available ice that can be made. The last thing that someone would want is to buy a product that has dirty ice, and has health issues. The Ice-O-Matic is the best production on the market that fulfills those needs. The optional IFQ1 water filtration system protects against odors,funny tastes and scale information. This product is actually sold separately but from customer reviews its something that you will want to have when you purchase your Ice-O-Matic.

Now something that really separates the Ice-O-Matic icemaker is the amount of ice that can be made. This machine creates up to 567 pounds of ice per day! And has a storage capacity of 510 pounds. Meaning unless you’re running the most popular hotel in the world and it’s always a capacity, you should never run out of ice.

Another great reason you will see this product in hotels around the world is its energy saving capability. Its cULus and energy star certified. The Ice-O-Matic ice maker is by far the best on the market and blows other ice makers out of the water.

The warranty on the Ice-O-Matic icemaker will not be honored for residential or non-commercial use of any commercial equipment. Meaning if you are thinking about buying on of these for your house, if something were to go wrong you wouldn’t have any warranty. Smaller ice machines are strongly recommended for houses and apartments.

When looking to buy the best you will have to be willing to possibly pay a little bit more. The price of an industrial Ice-O-Matic can run to about three to four thousand dollars. But for what you are getting in return and for the amount of time that you will be using the machine that price should bother anyone looking to purchase one of these exquisite ice machines.

In conclusion the Ice-O-Matic is the greatest industrial ice maker on the market, and with the amount of ice it produces and the amount of health benefits surrounding the product along with it excellent warranty the Ice-O-Matic ice maker is the clear number one choice on the market and you will not be upset with the results and production.

How to Make Ice Cubes Without a Tray

Ice cubes are an absolute essential during the summer. Many of us, however, are looking for alternatives to the ice cube tray. For a start, it takes up too much space. In addition, the tray leaves the ice exposed to foods, which means that it can easily absorb smells in the freezer.

Making ice cubes without a tray? Is that even possible? Here are a couple of smart ideas and hacks that will simplify the process of ice cube making and eliminate the need for purchasing trays.

Use a Portable Ice Cube Maker

A portable ice cube maker is a simple, affordable and convenient appliance. It’s ideal for the people that don’t have a lot of space in the freezer but would still like to enjoy a constant supply of fresh ice. Since the cubes are made in a separate appliance, they are completely odourless and they taste much better.

The market has so many options – from tiny portable ice cube makers to appliances that have a serious output capacity. All that you have to do is go through a couple of reviews to acquaint yourself with the characteristics and figure out which one is best-suited to your individual needs.

Use a Ziploc Bag

To reduce the risk of contamination, you’ll need to use something very, very simple – a Ziploc bag.

Fill the bag with enough water and freeze it. Because the water is closed inside the plastic, there’s no risk of absorbing odours. The only problem that you’ll have to deal with is that you’re going to get one large chunk of ice.

After taking the bag of the freezer, you should simply use the good old meat tenderizer. Hit the Ziploc bag a couple of times to break the ice in chunks. If the ice pieces are still too big, you’ll have to hit a few additional times. You’ll soon end up with the perfect ice bits for drink chilling.

If you don’t want to whack the bag too many times, let the ice chunk inside melt a little bit before using the tenderizer.

Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are often used for baking and making chocolate candies. Needless to say, these moulds can be filled with water and put in the freezer.

Some of the silicone moulds come with a top and bottom part, which means that the water would be completely closed inside. There’s whatsoever no risk of contamination or odour absorption this way.

The moulds come with an additional benefit – they are in creative shapes. Your ice cubes will look very innovative and sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the ideal mould. You can have ice cubes in the form of hearts, gems, animals, plants and even characters from favourite movies. Needless to say, your kids will love these cubes.

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

The name is quite self-explanatory. These cubes are made from stainless steel. The central part is filled with an edible gel that freezes and keeps the cube cold. Most stainless steel ice cubes have to be kept in the freezer for approximately four hours before usage.

The stainless steel is an anti-bacterial material and it doesn’t absorb odours. Once you buy the cubes, you’ll get to use them time and time again. Here’s the final benefit – the cubes don’t melt and they will cool your drink for a longer period of time without diluting it.

Several Other Options

When it comes to tray-free ice cube making, you have several other alternatives to choose among. Something as simple as a plastic egg tray will be a good idea for making larger cubes. Just don’t pour too much water in each compartment.

You may also use a muffin tin, if you need extra-large ice pieces.

There’s one final possibility that you can use to make ice chips instead of ice cubes. You’ll need a larger pan. Fill it with just a little bit of water – enough to cover the surface. Put the tray in the freezer. Since the layer of water is small, you’ll need very little time to get it completely frozen. Take out the tray and crack the layer. You’ll get delicious ice chips that are ideal for getting a drink instantly cooled.

The Best Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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Many things we use today are not what they used to be. Ice cubes are no exception. Chances are that you’re used to freezing water in a tray and popping out the cubes when they’ve been properly chilled. This is no longer the case. Ice cubes today can be much more innovative than frozen H2O.

Stainless steel ice cubes appeared some time ago and they’ve quickly acquired a lot of popularity. Interested in this option? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the product and its characteristics.

What are Stainless Steel Ice Cubes?

As the name suggests, stainless steel cubes are little metal pieces and they’re made of… well, you guessed it, stainless steel.

Stainless steel cubes come with several advantages over traditional ice.

For a start, these are reusable. Once you buy the cubes, you’ll get to chill drinks with those for many years to come. No water will be wasted and the cubes aren’t going to dilute your drink by melting in it.

Mainly created for the needs of whisky drinkers, these cubes have a soft center that is made of gel. This is the portion that freezes and that keeps the metal cool for a relatively long period of time.

The casing of these innovative cubes is made of food-grade stainless steel, which means that they’re perfectly safe for use. The material doesn’t absorb smells and it doesn’t affect the taste of the beverage. The cooling gel inside is also food-grade and eatable. Even if something happened to affect the integrity of the cubes, they’ll still be non-dangerous.

The Best Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes

Simple research will reveal that the number of stainless steel ice cubes available on the market is huge! Still, some products have gotten a much better reception than others. Here are some of the top varieties.

Whiskey Stones – Yukiss Set of 8

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This Yukiss set consists of eight stainless steel ice cubes and non-sleep rubberized tongs. The set is provided with a plastic storage box, as well.

The cubes are particularly suitable for use in whiskey and wine. Keep in mind that they aren’t going to be as chilling as real ice. The effect, however, will be experienced for a much longer period of time without any dilution of the drink.

To get the desired results, keep the stones in the freezer for a period of four hours. Three to four of the frozen cubes should be used per drink for maximum enjoyment.

RC Set of 10 Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Frozen Cubes

frozen cubes
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This FDA-approved RC set is manufactured from food-grade steel. The set consists of 10 cubes (size 1), one tong and one reusable storage tray.

Just like the previous product, these cubes should be kept in the freezer for four hours prior to use. Three to four of cubes will be ideal for chilling drinks. The cubes are placed in the glass first, after which the beverage is poured.

Chill-O Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes

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The Chill-O Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes look somewhat different from the other product and some buyers consider them to be more visually-appealing. The set consists of six diamond-shaped cubes and they’re provided in a velvet pouch.

Unlike the other entries in the list, these cubes need to be kept in the freezer for solely two hours prior to use. One cool feature is that the cubes can’t break a glass if they’re accidentally dropped inside.

Scotch Box Silver Edition

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A set that consists of eight stainless steel cubes, the Scotch Box Silver Edition looks stylish and is ideal for chilling alcoholic beverages. The set also includes tongs for the purpose of placing the cubes in a drink.

The cubes should be chilled for four hours prior to use. Once you’re done enjoying the drink, rinse the cubes under running water and allow them to dry.

Franmara Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Deluxe

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The set consists of solely four cubes but it’s gotten numerous positive customer reviews. As in all the other cases, the Franmara stainless steel ice cubes are made of food-grade stainless steel that’s filled with non-toxic chilling liquid.

The product comes with a two-piece freezing tray that makes it possible to transfer the cubes from a freezer to a glass without touching them.