Best portable ice machine

A quality portable ice machine isn’t that easy to find. In order to reduce the size of the appliance, some manufacturers decrease the ice making capacity or take away some other important feature.

Several brands on the market come with a compact size and a lot of power. Here are a few of the best portable ice machines and the characteristics that make the specific appliances worth a purchase.

iGloo ICE-102 Red Compact Ice Maker

iGloo ice makers are recognized for the excellent price to quality ratio. iGloo ICE-102 Red Compact Ice Maker is no exception. This compact little appliance comes in a bright red color that makes it different from most other ice makers on the market. Don’t let this cheerful appearance fool you, however. Underneath it hides the heart of a powerful and functional machine.

iGloo Ice-102 Red can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day and users can choose among two ice cube sizes. The first batch of ice will be produced in as little as six minutes after turning the appliance on.

There’s a 1.5 pound ice basket and a 2.3-quart water reservoir. This means that no plumbing work will be required and the ice maker can be placed in any part of the kitchen or the house, for that matter. LED controls are used to make the necessary adjustments. The appliance is equipped with a cooling compressor that boosts efficiency and ensures silent functioning.

The ice maker measures 15 by 11 by 14.5 inches, which makes it easy to take outside and use during picnics or parties. The weight of the appliance is 22 pounds.

Della Premium Ice Maker Portable Countertop

Another reasonably priced machine, Della Premium Ice Maker Portable Countertop also ranks among buyer favorites. The machine’s daily ice making capacity is 26 pounds. At the same time, Della Premium has a compact size that makes it great for countertop use.

The first batch of ice will be produced in six minutes and every cycle produces nine pieces of ice. A 1.5-pound ice basket is available and it’s properly insulated to reduce the speed with which the ice will melt.

Adjustments are easy to make through the use of the intuitive controls. There’s also a strategically-placed window that enables you to observe the process. The window can also be used to check ice levels. On top of that, there are light indicators for water level and a completely filled ice bucket.

The appliance measures 14.5 by 10 by 13 inches and its weight is 21 pounds. Because of this portable size, the ice machine is perfect for use on a small kitchen countertop, in a bar, on a boat, during a camping trip and anywhere else you may need ice.

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker

A bit more expensive than the other portable ice machines in the list, this one is also definitely worth considering. Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker has a number of characteristics that definitely justify the price.

With two ice cube sizes and a daily capacity of 26.5 pounds of ice, the appliance delivers more than what’s sufficient for meeting the needs of a group of people. Only six minutes will be required for the first batch of ice to be produced after the machine is turned on.

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL has a powerful compressor and a water recycling system. The ice cubes that melt inside the tray don’t have to be drained. The water will simply be reused to make a new batch of ice cubes.

A couple of great additional characteristics include digital controls with icons that maximize user-friendliness, alerts for low water and maximum ice capacity, a removable ice tray for added convenience and a large see-through window that makes it easy to monitor the ice making process.

This portable ice machine measures 14.1 by 12.9 by 9.5 inches. Its weight is 21.3 pounds for added comfort and simplicity when the appliance is being moved around.

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker

The machine is similar to the other entries in the list when it comes to price and availability of convenient features. RCA RIC102 can make 26 pounds of ice per day and there are two sizes to choose among.

The first batch will be made in six minutes after the machine is turned on. There’s a 1.5-pound ice basket for the storage of the ice cubes that have already been made.

The water reservoir’s capacity is 2.3 quarts and there’s a window that enables you to monitor progress. Digital controls and indicators are available to let you know whether any adjustments are needed.

RCA RIC102 measures 15 by 11 by 14.5 inches. Its weight is 21.3 pounds, ranking among the lightest portable ice machines on the market.


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