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If you have never owned or even thought of owning a portable ice maker, this is the year to pounce on that option. Portable ice makers have become the chic, efficient way to always have ice cubes available and to have them anywhere. They are fast becoming popular as people transport them to social gatherings, camping, and pot lucks. Portable ice makers end up paying for themselves in a relatively short period time. The vast amount of ice they produce compared to buying bags of ice over and over will make you wonder why you didn’t purchase one a long time ago.

Most of the ice machines available on the market today are capable of producing large quantity of ice in a relatively short amount of time. Some come with the option of being hooked into a water line to make ice cubes continuously. Others varieties only need water added to them before beginning ice cube production.

We have narrowed down the best portable ice making machines here. This selection is based on manufacturer reputation, customer preference, and the unique qualities in each one. If you are on the hunt for the very best portable ice maker machine, these are the ones to choose from.

Ivation 48lb Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker

The Ivation 48-Pound Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker is a machine which will never run out of ice. For those who must have their ice available always, this is the one to get. There is a huge 4.7 quart reservoir to hold the mass amount this machine makes. You can have a fresh batch of ice cubes every 6 minutes. Most portable ice makers will produce on average around 24 lbs. of ice cubes per day; this compact machine brags of at 48 lbs. per day. The machine is a bit more heavy and larger than most compact ice makers due to the large amount of ice it produces.

The bonus with this ice maker is the intuitive controls. The display has smart alerts to let you know when it is time to add more water. Other alerts tell you when the ice is not hitting the bucket correctly, and when an ice cube cycle is on standby. There is zero water waste because unused ice melts back into the reservoir and produces more ice. Save 53% of cost by picking it up at Amazon for only $135.95.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

The Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket is a nice quality machine. It has a digital control panel that lets you select three different sizes of ice. Consumers love this ice maker’s slick silver décor and the added bonuses included with the machine. There is a removable insulated ice bucket with ice scoop included.

The Igloo ICE103 ice maker will produce smaller batches of ice in 6 minutes and can crank out up to 26 pounds of a day.  This is one of the quietest ice making machines available.  Amazon carries this particular brand at a great discounted price of only $129.99

Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker

The Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker is a fancier machine with a LCD Display to keep track of your ice making task on the LCD panel. In only 6 minutes you will have fresh ice cubes. In a 24 hour time allotment, this nice little machine can produce over 27 pounds of ice. It will make up to 3 different sizes of ice cubes. Get this unit at a discounted price of only $119.95 at Amazon.

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

The Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker is the king of portable ice making machines. It features larger cubes than most, and is able to hold 4 pounds of ice cubes in the insulated basket. The one gallon reservoir needs filling it less often.  This consumer favorite will make a strong supply of ice cubes within seven minutes.

The Magic Chef MCIM22TS is capable of making 27 pounds of ice over the course of 24 hours. If you are serious about your ice, this compact ice maker is a 5 star winner. The machine is subtle and quiet with exception to cubes dropping. It makes donut-shaped ice cubes which are hard and dry. This is a high quality portable ice making unit. Amazon sells this unit at only $183.00. Magic Chef carries many other ice making units.

Ice Boss Red Portable Ice Maker Machine High Output Ice Maker

When you need a quality affordable ice maker, consider this beauty of machine, the Electro Boss. This machine outperforms most other portable ice makers making this unit high in demand by consumers. It will crank out nearly 33 lbs. of ice per day. Dubbed the “Fast ice” machine, the Electro Ice Boss will produce beautiful perfect ice cubes in less than 6 minutes. It includes a removable insulated water bin and an ice scoop.

This is a high output machine. Choose from 3 different ice cube sizes. Works on a standard 110 volt- 130 watts for optimal performance and energy saving.  The Ice boss is the perfect solution for mini-bars, parties, boats, and camping. Get it now at Amazon for a 40 percent discounted price of $149.95


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