7 Tips to Take Care of and Clean your Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Copper is a beautiful material and it gives Moscow Mule mugs their authentic, unmistakable appearance. Just like any other metal, however, it requires specialized care and cleaning. The things you have to do to keep your Moscow Mule mugs shiny and looking brand new aren’t difficult, once you master the routine.

Copper Mug

Wash the Cup Regularly

If you wash the mug after every cocktail you enjoy, you’ll reduce the need for having to do more specialized cleaning.

Copper can be washed with warm water and soap. Gently rinse the inside and soap the exterior. Clean with running water and let the cup dry. That’s all it takes to enjoy it time and time again.

Regular washing is the key to keeping the copper mug looking shiny and new.

If the exterior of the cup exhibits sign of discoloration (this will inevitably happen with the passage of time), you can use a specialized copper cleaner. Rinse when you’re done. This is the most basic procedure that’s suitable for all types of brand new copper mugs. The same applies to copper mugs that have stainless steel lining.

Use Lemon and Salt

With time, copper may start looking tarnished and the exterior will develop some patina. You’ll notice that the inside of the cup still looks brand new. The reason for this discrepancy is simple. The lime juice in Moscow Mules keeps the interior of the mug shiny.

To clean the exterior, you can rely on an all-natural mixture.

You can cut a lemon in half and sprinkle some salt on top of it. The salt acts as a mild natural abrasive and the citric acid in the lemon juice destroys the patina. Scrub the exterior of the cup with the lemon half. Wash it when done. You should see the shiny metal once again.

Alternatively, you can use vinegar or lime. The results will be equally impressive.

Flour-Based Copper Scrub

Flour can also be used to restore older copper mugs.

Mix one cup of white vinegar with a tablespoon of salt and flour. The flour should be enough to form a relatively thick paste. Stir until you get a homogenous mixture. It has properties similar to the ones of the lemon and salt copper scrub.

Using your fingers, put a little bit of the scrub on the Moscow Mule cup. Using a sponge, rub the exterior gently to “dissolve” the patina and get rid of any discoloration. Use circular motions for best results.

After you’ve buffed the mug, let the mixture act for 10 to 15 minutes. If your Moscow Mule copper mugs are very old, you may want to leave the scrub on for a longer period of time. Rinse off with warm water and dry the copper mug with a soft piece of fabric. The Moscow Mule mug should look brand new when you’re done.

Bonus Tip: The Ketchup Method

Here’s one more very simple and natural tip for cleaning Moscow Mule copper mugs. If you don’t have lemons or limes, you can rely on the good old ketchup to get the job done. The method is a bit messier than the other tips presented so far, which is why some people dislike the technique.

Spread a little bit of ketchup on the exterior of the mug. Squirt directly from the bottle and use your fingers to distribute the condiment evenly. Let the ketchup sit on the copper mug. It’s acidic, which is why it can be used to get rid of stubborn patina.

Rub with a kitchen sponge and use circular motions once again. Rinse the ketchup thoroughly with warm water. The technique works for mugs that have just lost a bit of their shine and for older vessels that look completely ruined. Once you’re done, you’ll have a shine and beautiful Moscow Mule copper mug.

Finally, remember that you can always use a commercial product made to clean and polish copper. Some people aren’t comfortable with such cleaners, however, because they contain chemicals. Any natural acid will be a viable alternative. You may simply want to have a bottle of cleaner available as a quick fix possibility.


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