5 Things You Need To Know About Solid Copper Mugs

Have you heard about the Moscow Mule? It’s a delicious summer cocktail that’s served in a copper cup. Copper vessels have been used throughout history and their popularity is starting to increase today. The Moscow Mule isn’t the only drink that can be served in such a cup. Going for solid copper mugs will give you an opportunity to enjoy a range of practical and gastronomic benefits. You can try a ginger beer, a refreshing soda and lime juice, plain vodka and ice, drinking water, beer or other classic cocktail.

There are numerous interesting facts about the copper mug that you’re probably unaware of. Copper mugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some have solid brass flat handles, and some a unique pure copper hammered or lacquer finish to prevent tarnish, though the older they are the more beautiful the patina. By learning a bit more about copper construction and its characteristics, you’ll find it easier to decide whether to buy a set of copper mugs.

Solid Copper Mugs

Copper Mugs can Enhance the Taste of Some Beverages

Have you ever wondered why a Moscow Mule has to be served out of a copper mug, commonly referred to as a Moscow Mule Mug? There’s a theory that the copper of the Mule mug enhances the individual flavor of the cocktail’s components.

The vodka and the lime juice in a Moscow Mule cause a gentle oxidation process that affects the inner lining of the mug. Because of this oxidation, the flavors are enhanced. Many people that have tried a Moscow Mule served in a copper mug and in a glass swear that they immediately recognize the difference in taste.

Copper Mugs are Safe

There’s a lot of misinformation about the safety of the traditional copper vessel. Some people are concerned about the selection of such vessels because they worry that the copper will leech into the beverage.

Copper is an essential microelement that’s found in the human body. Some of the foods that naturally contain copper include seafood, mushrooms, kale, nuts, beans and dried fruits. Thus, copper on its own is harmless.

Pouring a hot drink in a copper mug may be a bad idea because the high temperature could potentially cause a large amount of copper to leech. If you don’t intend to pour hot beverages in such a mug, however, you’ll be completely safe.

If you want to get a more multi-functional vessel, choose a copper mug that’s lined with stainless steel to prevent tarnish. The stainless steel prevents copper from leeching, making the mug suitable for all types of beverages.

The Material is Easy to Clean

After enjoying a classic cocktail, only hand wash the pure copper mug. Rinse the mug with warm water and soap. Let it dry and use it again and again, and again. Copper doesn’t need specialized cleaning requirements – just a quick hand wash – and you can handle those mugs just like the other vessels you own.

Old copper mugs that you come across could have developed patina. Rubbing them with lime or lemon juice will be sufficient to restore their shiny appearance and prevent tarnish. A copper mug will look great for a very long period of time and even if it eventually looks tarnished, this just adds to the patina which many people love.

Copper Kills Bacteria

Copper, just like other metals, is recognized as an olygodynamic material. This means that it’s capable of killing bacteria, which contributes to a sterilizing effect.

Some of the most harmful bacteria that copper mugs can destroy include S. aureus and E. coli. These bacteria are found just about everywhere. Poor hygienic practices and improper food or beverage preparation techniques can contribute to health issues. This is why using copper mugs makes a lot of sense health-wise.

Other Health Benefits

Studies have been conducted about copper mugs and the way they influence the human body. One clinical trial was carried out in 2012. The results were presented in the Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition.

Researchers placed water in copper mugs and examined the effect that the metal had on the beverage. They found out that apart from the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities, copper also produced some anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Contaminated water was placed in the mugs and kept there for a period of 16 hours. Upon re-examining the drinking water, researchers found out that its quality had improved significantly.

Apart from these health benefits, copper also aids digestion, speeds up the healing of wounds, regulated the functioning of the thyroid gland, boosts brain health and cleanses the kidney among many others. Copper also enhances the absorption of iron in the human body. As a result, copper mugs are particularly suitable for the individuals that suffer from or are at a higher risk of developing anemia.

If you are struggling to buy something for the person who has everything, why not try the uniqueness of a copper mug set? It could prove to be the perfect gift.


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