3 Best Shaved Ice Machines

Many individuals love to use shaved ice machines for parties for both adults and for children. Nowadays, a lot of shaved ice machines are available on the market. Finding the best ones before settling on purchasing one can seem a pain. It doesn't have to be. Below, I have listed the three best shaved ice machines on the market today.

A shaved ice machine is a machine that comes equipped with its own ice maker that will automatically freeze ice into cubes. Unlike commercial shaved ice machines, these shaved ice machines do not need to be connected to a water line. A portable, personal shaved ice machine just requires water to be placed in its reservoir. All you need to do is set the machine on your counter and plug it into the wall socket. The shaved ice machine will keep your ice frozen for a while and then will turn into one of three items; a cooler, a drink, or a freezer.

This machine is based on the format of a traditional ice cube maker that is found in newer refrigerator/freezers. Usually when someone hears the word ice machine, they think of either an ice machine such as you would find at a hotel or the type found in your freezer that automatically makes ice for you; making ice cube trays a thing of the past. However, this is a completely different machine. A personal shaved ice machine is created to fit on your kitchen countertop. The ones below are the less space consuming models that are available nowadays. These small machines can create ice faster for you than your freezer can. On average, the shaved ice machine can have a batch of ice for you in about ten minutes. I will admit to you that these shaved ice machines do not keep your ice frozen for as long as your traditional freezer. It keeps ice frozen and then transfers it back into water to be turned back into ice.

3 Best Shaved Ice Machines On The Market

  • Magic Chef: This is a super fast making, very modern styled shaved ice machine. It is created out of stainless steel. This machine is top of the line and gives you thirty pounds of ice within twenty-four hours. You can have at your fingertips ice cubes in as little as five to seven minutes. It comes with a clear top so you can watch the ice forming. This gives you more power for less money. It can outdo the more high priced models. This model weighs 38.4 pounds. You can find numerous positive reviews on this brand. People love the larger internal storage bin.
  • Edgestar’s Shaved Ice Machine (Large Model): This shaved ice machine is the right choice for you for supplying the right amount of ice for larger parties and events such as a wedding reception or a catered party for more people. It is still a portable shaved ice machine. It puts out an estimated forty-eight pounds of ice. People love the thicker exterior of this machine. It is completely insulated to keep your ice frozen. It provides the user a great feature; an LCD format.
  • Whynter IMC-490SS: This shaved ice machine gives you the best of both of the above models. It is a totally portable shaved ice machine that gives you forty pounds of ice per day and is equipped with a five liter reservoir for water. It is highly durable and gives you the flexible programming along with an automatic defroster. It is very efficient while still giving you the high performance you want out of your shaved ice machine. This machine is a top of the line model in both, operation and the way it was made. The shaved ice machine weighs forty-two pounds.

All three of these shaved ice machines are great options when looking to purchase one for your parties and get togethers. Positive reviews are everywhere on the ones I went into detail on. I hope the above information can help you to purchase the right machine so that you are happy with the model that you get and not end up having to put money out again for another machine down the road.


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