3 Best Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice machines are quite different from the appliances intended for use by households. They usually have a much higher capacity and a sturdier construction, enabling the appliance to greatly increase its ice production without breaking down. They are also known as undercounter ice makers rather than portable ice makers and countertop ice makers dues to their size.

Several companies are recognized for the quality of their commercial ice makers. In this ice maker review, we discuss three of the top commercial ice maker machines on the market and the characteristics that make them so much better than the competition.

Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A Air Cooled Regular Cube Ice Machine

This massive ice maker machine with its large ice bin is a top performer and this is the reason why it has got such a big number of positive customer reviews as the perfect commercial ice machine. Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A Air Cooled Regular Cube Ice Machine is an undercounter ice maker with a capacity for 90 pounds of ice production a day. As the name indicates, it doesn’t make bullet-shaped or half-cubes of ice – it produces regular, solid ice cubes.

In comparison to other Manitowoc machines, this one needs 25 percent less water and 40 percent less electricity – two characteristics that make it perfect for commercial use. At the same time, the appliance produces almost 40 pounds more ice on a daily basis than its predecessors.

A feedback indicator is available, letting you know when the ice bin is full. During such periods, the ice maker can be paused to make the process more efficient. A delay button is available and it can pause ice making for a period ranging from four to 24 hours.

The distribution tube and damper door are removable for effortless cleaning. The food zone is sealed, ensuring the safety of customers. The AlphaSan antimicrobial system increases the safety of the appliance even further. It is the ultimate commercial ice maker machine.

Maxx Ice MIM250 Self Contained Ice Maker

Suitable for busy commercial venues, Maxx Ice MIM250 Self Contained Ice Maker has a daily capacity of 250 pounds of ice. There’s also a storage bin that can accommodate for 70 pounds of ice at any given time.

The machine, just like the previous entry in the list produces solid ice cubes rather than bullet-shaped pieces. The machine connects to the main water supply, which ensures the resource required for the production of lots of ice. An ice scoop is provided, making it easy to get the ice out of the basket.

The appliance can be used both as a free-standing and a built-in unit. The four legs can be adjusted independently of each other, meaning that the machine is going to be stable on uneven floors.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include a beautiful stainless steel exterior that looks modern and is easy to clean, maximum water conservation, a self-contained design and NSF certification for commercial use.

Scotsman CUO715MA-1A CUO715 Essential Ice Cube Machine

Scotsman CUO715MA-1A CUO715 Essential Ice Cube Machine is the third entry in the list and this one has a number of great features that make it similar to the other two commercial ice makers.

Made in the US and beautifully designed, this appliance has a daily capacity of 58 pounds of ice cubes. The capacity makes it suitable for offices and commercial venues that see small traffic.

A 36-pound ice storage bin is available, as well.

The ice maker is recognized for its compact design. As a result, it can be placed in a very small commercial kitchen or even a kiosk without occupying too much space. Scotsman CUO715MA-1A CUO715 has a width of only 15 inches, which is very difficult to achieve in the case of a commercial appliance.

Because of the unique evaporator technology used, this commercial appliance makes solid ice cubes that are crystal clear rather than murky. There’s a slide-back door, making it very easy to access and get out the ice cubes.

The intuitive control panel enables effortless adjustments. The unit is also equipped with an air condenser for added efficiency.


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